Elevate Your Business’s Approach to Cleaning With E-Cloth

If your business is built on the concept of providing a clean, comfortable experience for others, you know how tedious cleaning can be. Are you tired of the same old cleaning routines that rely on liquid-chemical cleaner, disposable wipes, and mountains of paper towels? E-Cloth offers a game-changing solution to not only simplify your cleaning process but also elevate the standard of cleanliness you’re able to achieve.


Whether you are working in the home and hospitality sector; managing a manufacturing plant; or operating as a detailer for cars, RVs, and boats, E-Cloth provides a variety of water-activated cleaning™ products created with you in mind.

Why choose E-Cloth Water-Activated Cleaning™ products?

Strong liquid chemicals and disposable cleaning products can’t match the effectiveness of E-Cloth’s water-activated cleaning™ products. We’ve spent decades engineering solutions that deliver a superior level of cleanliness, helping you save time, money, and the planet. Here’s what you can expect from E-Cloth products:

Superior performance every time

Say goodbye to the frustration of cotton cloths that push dirt around and cleaners that leave streaks and residues behind. Our precision-engineered microfiber cloths and scrubbers excel at trapping dirt and grime. When you clean with E-Cloth products and water, you can expect impeccably clean surfaces every time.

Task-specific excellence

E-Cloth offers a comprehensive range of task-specific cloths, scrubbers, and mops that cater to various cleaning needs. Whether you’re dealing with tough stains, delicate surfaces, or general cleaning tasks, E-Cloth has a specialized solution to get the job done efficiently and effectively — and all you need is water.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

E-Cloth helps your business distinguish itself as an environmentally responsible steward. Our products are designed to reduce your environmental footprint significantly. By eliminating the need for disposable wipes, paper towels, plastic bottles, and liquid-chemical cleaners, we help you decrease waste and minimize your impact on the planet.

Long-lasting durability

E-Cloth products come with a 1-year, 100-wash guarantee when used and cared for as recommended. This durability ensures your investment in E-Cloth pays off over the long term, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses versus the constant need to replenish single-use cleaning products.

Designed with businesses like yours in mind

E-Cloth’s water-activated cleaning™ products are engineered to perform above and beyond traditional cleaners — no matter where they’re put to work. Nevertheless, we’ve created a wide range of products specifically suited for some of our most prolific partners and their industries.

— Home-cleaning services —

Our superior-performance microfiber products ensure your clients’ homes aren’t just clean but impeccably spotless. Without the need for additional chemicals, you’ll stand out as an environmentally conscious cleaning solution — and leave your clients thrilled with the results.

— Manufacturing plants —

With task-specific products to streamline cleaning processes, manufacturers can scour workspaces and maintain machinery with peace of mind. E-Cloth cleaning solutions are made with durable, precision-engineered microfiber textiles, so they can withstand the most challenging environments to help you promote a clean and productive workspace — one that leads to efficient operations.

— Yachts/boats and RVs —

E-Cloth’s cleaning solutions maintain the pristine condition of luxury cars, boats, and RVs to the delight of your discerning clientele. Because they are reusable, E-Cloth products also help you save space, which is often limited on most yachts and RVs. Enjoy the ease of achieving immaculate cleanliness while upholding the standards your industry demands.

— Eco-friendly hotels/resorts —

If sustainability is a core principle in your sector of hospitality, E-Cloth aligns perfectly with your values. Decrease waste, reduce added chemical usage, and provide top-tier cleaning results to uphold your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Raise your business’s standards for cleanliness

From homes and yachts to industrial plants and eco-friendly resorts, E-Cloth is proud to provide water-activated cleaning™ products that get the job done — no matter what the job is. Contact E-Cloth today to learn more about bulk pricing on our products or to discuss an ongoing partnership.

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